Marco Girgenti Meli

Jazz DJ, radiophonic trainer and radio host, presenter. Marco Girgenti Meli is born in Vicenza. He cultivates since his adolescence the family passion for arts. He studied in the V. Bellini Conservatory of Palermo transverse flute with M° Angelo Faja (renowned flutist and conductor), but he did not graduate; he graduated instead in classical studies and languages, and worked in marketing for many years. In 2000 he dedicates himself completely to photography.
In april 2010 he resumes radio hosting, he had started in 1980. He participates in the creation of “Action Night Live”, an extension of his jazz music programme for musicians and local bands. After various presences and hosting formations in the local radios, he returns in is first radio station, Radio In 102 (in which he conduced “Meeting” in the ’80s, a jazz music programme).
In 2013 he creates a new format, “By Night Jazz”, where he dedicated himself in formation, information and difusion of local, national, and international jazz.
He obtains remarkable success and he is named Artistic Director in his local organization International Jazz Day 2014, for the quality of his work he receives a letter from Herbie Hancock, just like in 2015.
In the same year he starts to host and to diffuse and support artists. He is present in little cultural associations of the city, in big publishing houses (Feltrinelli), in the Auditorium of RAI (Dual Force 4et – Comar Edizioni Musicali), in presenting concerts in theaters: Lucia Garcia 5et – Teatro Jolly Palermo, Premio Pippo Ardini – Auditorium Rai Palermo – Winter Jazz Festival, Teatro Garibaldi Enna (under the artistic direction of Mario Incudine).
Among his guests we can remember: Louis Hohl – flutist for Stevie Wonder (USA), Marita Pauli (Germany), Monica Chapman (Canada), The Airborne (USA), Vadim Tikhonov (Russia), The Genius Blues Band, Dave Panico (USA), Petar Zanki and Ivonne BM (Germany), Francesca Mandalari, Claudio Giambruno, Orazio Maugeri, Angelo Cultreri, Giuseppe Urso, Filippo Pasta, Giuseppe Mandalari, Francesco Cataldo, Tina E. Clark (USA), Kike Goya (Peru), Gabriela Leal (Mexico), Randy Corinthian (USA), Fabrizio Corona, Daniel Sax, Sebastiano Alioto, Joe Gagliardo, Paolo Passalacqua, Giuseppe Costa, Anna Bonomolo, Ignazio Garsia, Lucia Garsia, Giulia Massaro, Davide Rinella, Sergio and Alessandra Manduca, Maurizio Cavallaro, Tonino Bignone, Dino Lacca, Sergio Candura, Daniele Bengi Benati, the Bonanova, Filippo Rizzo, Lino Patruno, Davide Inguaggiato, Lucia Lauro, Monia Grassa, Enzo Torregrossa, Alberto Asero, Olga Ardini, Lelio Giannetto, Fabrizio Pezzino, Valeria Terruso, Francesco Cafiso, Angelo Cafiso, Giovanni Gravagno, Giuseppe Urso, Igor Ciotta, Tonino Bignone, Dino Lacca, Sergio Candura, Giorgio Rosciglione, Sergio Munafò, Alessandra Mirabella, Giacomo Tantillo, Stefano India, Paolo Vicari, Valerio Rizzo, Flora Faja, Klaus Savoldi Bellavitis, Giorgia Romeo, Anna Luglio, Umberto Capilongo, Francesco Patti.

Since mars 2015 he has been Station Manager of The Brass Radio, the intitutional radio of the Foundation.

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