Giovanni Calderone

Giovanni Calderone begins his musical studies at the conservatory “ Vincenzo Bellini” of Palermo , graduated in trompet in 1990. He then followed professional orchestra qualification courses, given by the musical school “Ars Nova”.

He begins orchestral actvity with the “Orchestra Giovanile Siciliana”, directed by M.° Angelo Faja ; with this orchestra he does various concerts, and in the meanwhile he plays in the “Orchestra del Conservatorio V. Bellini” of Palermo, with which he takes paty to the recording of di concerts fof RAI . From 1988 to 1996 he collaborates with l’ A. M. S. ( Accademia Musicale Siciliana ), he does with it various concerts, in 1990 he plays with “Gruppo Strumentale di Fiati” of the Fondazioni Culturali G. Arnone , participating to many concerts for the E. A. Teatro Massimo of Palermo. From 1990 to 1994 he collaborates , even in the role of first Trumpet , with the “Orchestra Filarmonica Gioacchino Arnone”, and even with this orchestra he takes part in numerous concerts for the E. A. Teatro Massimo of Palermo .

In dicember 1990 he plays with the “Orchestra da Camera Siciliana”, under the direction of M.° Samuel Friedman; in the following years , with the same orchestra he participates to many concerts with various solists as : Kirill Rodin , Adelina Scarabelli , Pietro Ballo, Valeri Kuleshov , etc. since 1995 he plays with the “O.M.C.” ( Orchestra di Musica Contemporanea ) of Palermo, and he takes part to some premieres in Italy and in Sicily; in the O.M.C. he plays with many solists as : Roberto Gatto , Mario Raja , Katia Ricciarelli , etc. Con la stessa orchestra partecipa al “Premio Cultura e TV” registrato da RAI – INTERNATIONAL , nelle edizioni 1999 e 2000 .

In 1996 , the chamber orchestra “Gli Armonici” , he takes part to the recording of a concert , directed by M.° De Bernart , aired by RAI DUE .
He then collaborated with various orchestras as :

“Luglio Musicale Trapanese”, sotto la direzione del M° S. Mercurio ;
“Orchestra da Camera di Palermo”;
“Accademia Cantori Nuovi”; etc .
From 1999 he collaborates with the “Orchestra Filarmonica Siciliana Franco Ferrara” , with which he participates to the Concorso Internazionale per Cantanti Lirici Città di Alcamo , to many premieres , and to the “Opera Laboratorio”, schoolship for the study of Lyrical Music.

In the same orchestra, he partecipated to the incision of the disk “Luna Rossa” under the direction of the maester Marco Balderi with Pietro Ballo . In 1991 he does jazz , he follows classes and seminaries from renowned musicians as : Paolo Fresu , Marco Tamburini , Paul Jeffrey , etc. He then has an intense activity with orchestras and groups from sicilian jazz , playing in many concerts and many cutural events .

Since 1995 he collaborates with the The Brass Group of Palermo; meanwhile, he will play in the “Orchestra Jazz Siciliana”, and with important aristts as : Stefano Bollani ; Lester Bowie ; Martial Solal ; Tony Hadley ; J. Pizzarelli ; etc. In the years 1996/97 he plays with the “Open Jazz Orchestra” , in various musical reviews as : “Palermo di Scena”, “Natura Art e Jazz” , “Corleone Jazz Estate 1997”, “Carini Jazz Estate 1997”, and with the Open Jazz Orchestra he takes parte to the incision of the disk “Plays Musica Italiana”.

In 1997 he is admitted to the class for jazz orchestra musicians of the “Scuola Europea D’Orchestra Jazz”, the first year he is under the guidance of M.° Gunter Schuller , in 1998 he is under the guidance of M.° Bill Russo and M.° Dusko Goykovich , and the last year he is under the guidance of Mario Raja , S. Bonafede , P. Tonolo , D. Goykovich. In the same years he participatesto some concerts of the “Big Band della Scuola Europea D’orchestra Jazz” of which the conductors were the teachers of the school.

In 1997he plays in the disk “ANY WAY” of the saxophonist Salvo Guttilla. In november 1997 he plays with the sextet “Bop Groove”, and then with the group “Gianni Cavallaro Ensemble” he takes part to various reviews as: “Autumn Live 1997”, “Cefalù Jazz Festival 1998”, etc.

Since 2000 he plays with “Sicilia Jazz Big Band”, with which he did many concerts and recorded “Glenn Miller Story” . Since 2002 he collaborates with the “Macchina di Suoni Jazz Orchestra”, with them he did various music festivals : “Charles Mingus 80th Anniversari 2002”, “Palermo Tutta” (summer shows) , “Week-Ends on the road” and to the concert season in 2002 of the “Teatro Margherita” of Caltanissetta , in 2003 , with the same Orchestra , he partecipates to the recording of the disk “OBOE SOMMERSO”.

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