Educational Service

The Educational Service (Servizio Educational) of the Brass Group Foundation is born out of the need to support the development and coordination of the — educational, artistic, production and museum — operational units present within the Brass Group Foundation. A new organizational tool has been realized in order to support and implement the training and educational services. Its focus is on the activity of applied research for the realization of new cultural projects. Behind this service, there is a team of experts focused on bringing about new modes of fruition of Jazz for the schools, but not just that. The new Educational Service further extends the educational offer already present at the Brass Group such as our Popular School of Music (Scuola Popolare di Musica), the Musical Studies Center (Centro Studi Musicali) and all the orchestral production activities. Brass Educational is addressed to all the training and cultural institutions that want to dialogue with the Foundation and with all its articulations in terms of production, services and projects.


The Educational Service plays a general supporting role for the Didactic Activities Service for the processes of didactic management, focused on the following objectives:

  • to support the educational program for the schools and the school’s musical tourism;
  • to organize and develop promotional tools for the Popular School of Music;
  • to plan and implement an educational activity with a calendar of events dedicated to the schools.


The focus of the service is on the development of the Foundation’s activities, through cultural promotion, marketing and communication. These activities are designed to increase the catchment area. The focus is based on the capability to integrate the Foundation’s cultural programs into the various areas of intervention for the designing and editing of cultural projects that develop the potential of the Foundation’s artistic and educational offer towards schools, universities and families.


The operating model is based on GOP units coordinated through a management system for operational management and monitoring. All units are networked through the Brass Educational platform, sharing procedures and design techniques.

The Technical-Scientific Committee

It is made of internal and external experts, engaged in the research and development of programs and design solutions, focused on three main lines of intervention:

  • planning educational and cultural interventions for the schools;
  • accreditation processes of the Popular School of Music at a national and international level;
  • designing specific interventions for the interception of European funds for music, having Sicilian Jazz as a founding theme.


Roberto Cuccia

Veronica Polizzi

Vito Giordano,
Liliana Covello,
Claudio Giambruno,
Manfredi Caputo
Silvana Scardina
Salvo Lo Cicero