The Royal Theater of Saint Cecilia

The Royal Theater of Saint Cecilia (“Real Teatro di Santa Cecilia”), situated in the homonymous square, was founded by the musicians’ association “Unione dei Musici” in 1692 with the help of nobility and the viceroy Uzeda. Until the construction of neo-classical theaters Politeama, Massimo and Biondo,it was the most important theater of the city where they performed the musical repertoire (sacred music, symphony and opera).

In 1853 it was fully renovarted by Carlo Giachery and Giovanni Di Bartolo whom redisigned external fronts. It then hosted the wax museum and underwent further changes, in 1888 it definitely closed its doors.

With the European Funds of P.O.R. 2000-2006, the Regional Departement of BB.CC.e.I.S. performs the restoration of the historical building, highlighting the monumental parts and equipping it with the necessary installations for public use.

On 9 September 2010, on the basis of a delibery from the regional committee, the Regional Minister for “Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity” Prof. Avv. Gaetano Armao and the President of The Brass Group Foundation Prof. Ignazio Garsia, sign the convention that entrusts the theater to the Foundation (recognized with the regional law 1 february 2006, n. 5).

It is the first time in Italy an historical theater is entrusted to an institution of modern and contemporary music.