The Foundation

” The Brass Group “ foundation, which is based in Palermo, in two monumental sites that are among the most prestigious of the city – “Complesso Monumentale di S. Maria dello Spasimo” (16th century) and “Regio Teatro S. Cecilia” (17th century) – pursues a non-profit activity aimed at spreading 20th century art and musical culture.

It organizes and manages a permanent orchestral ensemble, named “Orchestra jazz siciliana”, which is specialised in performing contemporary music.
It promotes and manages a study center equipped with a library, newspaper library, tape library, video library, named “Brass Group Jazz Museum”, open for public fruition; provides professional training for its own artistic and technical officers and for musical education of the collectivity through its “Scuola popolare di musica”.
The parliament of Sicily Region has recognised the Foundation ” The Brass Group ” as a primary instrument of production and diffusion of art and musical culture of our time, with particular attention to Jazz and Afro-American derived music, and has launched the law n° 5 of february 2006 establishing the foundation itself.