Services and schools

The services offered by the Department:

  • support for the activation of school projects;
  • cultural planning;
  • technical area for the production of events;
  • support to the school networks.

Brass Planning

Co-planning services of personalized interventions for the schools about educational mapping.

The network

The foundation offers an online platform for the schools, dedicated to the provision of services that:

  • will support the extracurricular project to be included in the PTOF programming;
  • will carry out the function of coordination and implementation of rhythmic, ensemble, singing and instrumental music workshops;
  • will take care of the creation of musical workshops to support rehabilitation therapies for disabled people;
  • will carry out the creation of personalized integration paths of socialization and relationality for the able and disabled;
  • will carry out the function of local coordination of the didactic actions relating to music that will be developed in collaboration with other local bodies.

The major innovation of the educational approach is based on the path that the students and teachers of the school are called to experience. A path full of musical stimuli, in an original dimension, based on the amplification of the sensory dimension.

The sensory room

The sensory room was developed thanks to the support and collaboration of AZIZ srl, a Sicilian company, a leader in digital platforms design and video surveillance.

The Brass Group Foundation is the first music school in Italy to have a sensory room.
It is an environment designed and built to offer multisensory and hypersensory experiences. The system makes use of interactive projections on the floor and on the walls, which produce motion-sensitive images and sounds with a software that has over 300 customizable applications and an LED lighting system for chromotherapy.
The innovative technology creates virtual realities to be explored and interactive educational games that are controlled by the user’s gestural movement, which interacts directly with images, colors, and sounds, stimulating the physical and cognitive activity of different skills. With the use of special lights, sounds, and interactive objects, it can be used as a therapy for people with limited communication skills.

The program for the PTOF

  • the convention;
  • PCTO;
  • the educational network;
  • newsletter;
  • to collaborate with the Foundation;
  • join the school representatives network;
  • join the Brass Educational representatives network;
  • photos and videos;
  • projects & partners;
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